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Version: Endpoint V2

Sending Tokenized Assets

LayerZero provides several ways to transfer tokenized assets across multiple blockchain networks, catering to different use cases and requirements.

Building Your Own Omnichain Token

The Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) Standard is ideal for creating tokens that exist on multiple chains. It allows fungible tokens to be transferred across multiple blockchains without asset wrapping or middlechains, ensuring consistency and interoperability.

Implementation: To build a token using the OFT Standard, you need to implement the OFT smart contracts on each chain where the token you own will or currently exists.

Read the OFT Quickstart to learn more.

Sending Small Amounts of Native Gas

Depending on your destination application's logic, you may need to transfer small amounts of native gas tokens to another chain for transaction fees across different contracts and addresses.

Method: The lzNativeDrop feature in LayerZero’s Message Execution Options facilitates sending a minimal amount of native gas token to an address on the destination chain.

This method is cost-effective and convenient for small transfers that need to accompany your cross-chain call.

Moving Native Assets (e.g., wETH, USDC, USDT)

To move native assets that have already been deployed by another contract owner, two methods exist to help your development:

Option 1: Protocols or DEXs Built on LayerZero

Utilize a protocol, decentralized exchange (DEX), or native asset bridge built on LayerZero (e.g., Stargate) for transferring native assets between chains.

Functionality: Stargate and similar platforms handle the creation of asset pools, facilitating the easy movement of native assets across multiple chains.

Advantages: This option enables you to utilize existing liquidity and composability with your smart contracts without the need for deploying the OFT Standards directly.

Read the Stargate Docs for how to transfer and swap cross-chain assets in your smart contracts.

Option 2: Wrapped Asset Bridges

If you run your own blockchain, you can Contact LayerZero to deploy a LayerZero Endpoint contract on your network. This enables the creation of a wrapped asset bridge to easily move existing assets to your chain.

Wrapped Asset Bridge: The bridge locks tokens on the source chain and mints equivalent tokens on the destination chain using the OFT Standard.


This method is not advisable if this bridge will not be endorsed by the chain, as it requires acceptance and liquidity to be provided for the new token standard (e.g., "yourUSDC") by DeFi applications. Established tokens or those endorsed by the chain will have better composability and usability.