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Version: Endpoint V2

Explore LayerZero V2

LayerZero V2 is an open-source, immutable messaging protocol designed to facilitate the creation of omnichain, interoperable applications.

Developers can easily send arbitrary data, external function calls, and tokens with omnichain messaging while preserving full autonomy and control over their application.

LayerZero V2 is currently live on the following Mainnet and Testnet Chains.

See the Quickstart Guide below for specific guides on every topic related to building with the LayerZero protocol.


Comprehensive developer guides for every step of your omnichain journey.


LayerZero Labs has an absolute commitment to continuously evaluating and improving protocol security:

LayerZero protocol has been thoroughly audited by leading organizations building decentralized systems. Browse through past public audits in our Github.

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Join the LayerZero community in our Discord to ask for help, as well as share your feedback or showcase what you have built with LayerZero!


LayerZero is growing. If you enjoy using our protocol and have a genuine interest in omnichain design, please check out our current job openings.