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Version: Endpoint V1

Introduction to LayerZero V1

LayerZero is an open-source, immutable messaging protocol designed to facilitate the creation of omnichain, interoperable applications.

Developers can easily send arbitrary data, external function calls, and tokens with omnichain messaging while preserving full autonomy and control over their application.


LayerZero V2 is now live on both Mainnet and Testnet, offering direct improvements for both existing, deployed applications on Endpoint V1, as well as new features that enhance the creation and scalability of omnichain applications deployed on the new Endpoint V2.

See the LayerZero V2 Documentation.

Where can I find more information?

For the message protocol design, check out the V1 Whitepaper found on the website.

If you are looking for a detailed system architecture explanation, check out the architectures section on the Endpoint and the Ultra-Light Node.

Code Examples

Learn how to integrate LayerZero into your contracts and take a look at our deployed contracts for Mainnet and Testnet usage. If you want to see some examples to play around head over to our Github.

More from LayerZero


Join the LayerZero community in our Discord to ask for help, as well as share your feedback or showcase what you have built with LayerZero!


LayerZero is growing. If you enjoy using our protocol and have a genuine interest in omnichain design, please check out our current job openings.