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Version: Endpoint V2

LayerZero V2 Solana Programs (BETA)


The Solana OFT, Endpoint, and ULN Programs are currently in Mainnet Beta!

The LayerZero Protocol consists of several programs built on the Solana blockchain designed to facilitate the secure movement of data, tokens, and digital assets between different blockchain environments.

LayerZero provides Solana Programs that can communicate directly with the equivalent Solidity Contract Libraries deployed on EVM-based chains.

Solana Programs

Solana Protocol Configurations


You can find all LayerZero Solana Programs here.

Tooling and Resources

Solana development relies heavily on Rust and the Solana CLI. For more information, see an Overview of Developing Solana Programs.

LayerZero provides developer tooling to simplify the contract creation, testing, and deployment process:

LayerZero Scan: a comprehensive block explorer, search, API, and analytics platform for tracking and debugging your omnichain transactions.

You can also ask for help or follow development in the Discord.